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The Fall 2018 CPP/FPC testing window is Sept 15 - Oct 13, 2018.  The next SEPA Study Group will start on Thursday June 14, 2018.  Our study group meets virtually Thursday nights between 5:30 – 7:30 PM.  Joining a study group is proven to be one of the most effective methods for studying for the APA’s Certification exams.  The study group availability is limited so please register early if you have not contacted us already. 


Passing the CPP/FPC exam takes personal commitment.  There are several ways to prepare oneself to take the exam but not making any preparations will most likely lead to unwanted results.  Joining the study group requires commitment to attend meetings, participating in discussions, take practice exams, and read source materials.  I encourage everyone to join our group but please be ready to participate.     

What you need to get ready:

  • There are no Study Group fees, however, SEPA membership is required, see the membership page for membership fees.  APA national membership is not required.
  • Go to the APA website, download a free copy of The (CPP or FPC) Examination Candidate Handbook.  Review the qualifications and exam fees, note National members do get discounts on book materials and exam fees, the savings could pay for national membership.    
  • Purchase a copy ($$$) of The Payroll Source 2018, the study group will follow this as our source document.  More information is available from the APA:    
  • The study group meets via live webinar (Skype, for business).  You can log-in from your office or home PC.  Some employers have restrictions on how employees’ can use company equipment, please check with your employer.  A home PC will require a skype driver.  A PC headphone & microphone are “nice to have” but not required, the Skype webinar also has an 800 number to call in if needed.

To be registered for the SEPA Study Group please send an email to studygroups@sepaapa.org stating your interest, your contact info and any questions you may have.


Mailing address:                                                               

P.O. Box 80187 Valley Forge, PA 19484 


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