Garnishment Forum

  • 07 Aug 2009
  • Doubletree Hotel - Philadelphia
Garnishments Forum
This one-day class provides a detailed overview of both federal and state garnishment laws and their impact on the payroll process. Learn which order has priority when multiple orders are received, how to handle out-of-state orders, how to calculate the amount to withhold from the employee's pay, and much more.
  • The new child support income withholding form
  • New state mandates of electronic child support payments
  • The first garnishment deduction from an employee's pay
  • Creditor garnishments for employees who have federal tax levies
  • Multiple withholding orders for one employee
  • Out-of-state child support withholding orders
Who Should Attend
Those in payroll, human resources, accounting, and information systems who are involved in administering tax levies, creditor garnishments, and child support orders.

Recertification Credit Hours
Earn 6 Recertification Credit Hours (RCH) .6 Continuing Education Units (CEU) or 7 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours when attending this course.

Doubletree Hotel - Philadelphia
Course Code: 091310

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